Our Services


Direct & Extended Procurement Resource

Undertaking the Category Management project for identified spend area and delivering the project in line with mutually agreed time bound deliverables.

Mentoring & Hand Holding Resource

Training & Guiding your nominated project leader to achieve the deliverables through category management process.


Class Room Training

Exposure to the category management process to your nominated team (16 Hrs).


Virtual Lead

Leading & Managing the Procurement Team Remotely with Accountability of Target Delivery.

Periodic Visits are undertaken  for:

  • Team Engagement
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Reviews and Issue Resolution
  • Key Supplier Meetings
  • Mentoring & Training the team

Interim Manager

Providing  Functional continuity & Transitional leadership in the event of :

  • Sudden vacuum at senior level (due to resignation, death, deferred joining of new recruit etc.)
  • Merger / Acquisition of the organisations (From Takeover To Handover)

Projects completed so far…

  1. Transforming the Supply Chain in the areas of Demand & Supply planning, Primary and Secondary Logistic and Warehousing & Distribution for a mid-sized lubricant manufacturer.
  2. Mentoring and supporting multiple category management projects for key APIs, Intermediates, Packaging components and Indirect materials for a leading and large Pharmaceutical organisation.
  3. Strategic sourcing of Polymer resins / moulds for a Plastic Toys manufacturing enterprise and Building End-to-End Supply Chain capability.
  4. Category management of Natural & Synthetic Food Additives for a Veterinary SME in the field of Animal feeds/Food Ingredients.
  5. Category management of Logistics (Surface Transport) services and helping the Corporates to reap the benefits through Web based proprietary eProcurement Suit.

Case Study (Supply Chain Transformation)

  • Industry: Oil & Energy
  • Client : Manufacturer of Industrial & Automotive Lubricants
  • Mandate: To improve the SCM efficiency without any investment
  • Duration: 6 Months
  • Method:
    • Completely On-Site for the entire duration
    • Gemba at the Client’s site
    • Hand holding of SCM sub – teams
    • Extended member of the Leadership Team
  • Approach:
    • Data is the power
    • Measure what needs to be Managed
  • Key Deliveries
    • Rolled out SCM Dash Board in agreement with the internal stake holders.
    • Developed individual KPIs of SCM lead managers in alignment with SCM Dashboard
    • 25+ process improvement initiatives across Demand planning, Supply planning, Warehousing, Logistics and Primary distribution (with potential annual savings of INR 50 Lakh)

Pilot run of proprietary technology platform for step-change improvement in end-to-end logistic operations

Our Solutions

Spend Analysis & Segmentation

High End v/s Tail End spend

Strategic v/s Tactical Buying

Category Management

Direct v/s Indirect Materials

Internal v/s External Stakeholder Management


Smart negotiation using Technology

Transparency in Business Allocation

Risk Management

Supply Risks and Contingency planning

Supplier Relationship Management

Deriving and sustaining value from key suppliers / service providers